Color lithograph with pearlescent powder, gold and aluminum leaf

Edition of 20

19 3/8 x 22¼

Published by Shark's Ink
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Notes for Soledad

I make work with words that I want to spend time with.

And Soledad also has the word Sol=Sun

And the word Edad = Age is inside inside of it too.

We are on a planet
We are spinning around the sun
The sun is spinning in a galaxy
The sun has an age that has always already exceeded the scale of human time.
I think of this often. I think about solitude. Are we alone? Lonely?

This piece is based on a much larger work in which suns were made with embroidered concentric circles of yellow thread. Making a print based on an existing work is by necessity a translation. As Borges said, sometimes, “the original is true to the translation.” In the case of Shark’s Ink.’s “Soledad” this is accurate.

And then there is this: because of the gold leaf, every surface of the suns have been touched.

Dianna Frid

April 2021