Dianna Frid is an artist working at the intersection of material texts and textile. Her artist’s books and mixed-media works make visible the material manifestations of language. In her work, embroidery is a prominent vehicle for exploring the relationships between writing and drawing; and between transcription and legibility.

Frid was born in Mexico where she was first exposed to textiles as complex codes of material writing. This point of reference helps her situate her work alongside lineages that embrace longstanding connections between art and needlework, and between idea and substance.

One of the questions I ask through my work is how we might experience time (individually or collectively). And with this in mind I have come to reflect that my recent work ponders time in at least three ways: the human scale of time as in the scale of a lifetime, the historic and prehistoric scales of time (which include geological and cosmic time), and the time it takes to make something. The time of craft and work.

—Dianna Frid, January 2020