ACROLITH: a composite sculpture made of stone and other materials, as in the case of a figure whose clothed parts are made of wood, while the exposed flesh parts such as head, hands, and feet are made of marble.

During a visit to Rome I spent time looking at the representation of cloth and hair carved in marble sculpture. The sculptures are roughly 1800 years old. Weaving has existed for at least 7500 years. The marble is millions of years old.

The ACROLITHS are mixed-media works in which I integrate photographs of carved hair and cloth that I find in classical marble sculpture. Most of these collages are annotated with camouflaged drawings or diagrams of woven structures.

The process of examining old and new side-by-side continues to sustain my understanding of art as always already in relationship to objects from different prehistoric and historic periods. This includes rock formations, such as the marble used in carving, that exceed any human lifespan.